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index of shapes by eduardo navarro

sts created suits for the artist eduardo navarro based on the london plane tree, as part of an exhibition about plant intelliegences called rooted beings at wellcome collection in 2022. 

the fabric was created from photographs from one of london's oldest plane trees located in coram's fields. the fabric was printed and pleated to create a realistic texture of the trees. bespoke bodysuits were created and hand dyed to create an interplay between the barks brittle exterior and the fluidity of a tree's internal layers. these 'saplings' were revealed through the performance as the bark was stripped away.

sts worked with pattern cutter jack davey on these costumes. the piece was developed with jia-yu corti, iris chan, elina akhmetova, mary feliciano, tania soubry.

read more about the project here

by eduardo navarro

suit creation: soft tissue studio

wellcome collection, london

july, 2022

photos wellcome collection

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