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hope, joy, youth, peace, rest, love, life, dust, ashes, waste, want, ruin, despair, madness, cunning, folly, words, wigs, rags, sheepskin, plunder, precedent, jargon, gammon and spinach.

sts designed and managed the decoration of this rainbow float for a parade performance by hannah and rosie. the float is decorated with thousands of plastic garlands to recreate the floral floats used in american ceremonies. 

the original piece was commissioned as part of walthamstowe artnight. it began with a promenade of the float through walhamstowe and performance by owen pratt, mylo mckinnon, jessie hultberg and ted rogers and a showing of the artists film work. 

read more about the project here.

by hannah quinlan and rosie hastings

artnight walhamstowe

set designer: soft tissue studio

london, 2019

image behaviour,

ica, london, 2019

images: courtesy of the artists

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